Friday, 30 November 2012

Something for the weekend 12

Well that week went by super fast!!

The past seven days have seen the usual drawing and tattooing (images below). I have however been thinking about travel and how it broadens not only our 'world view' but how in my case it's reinvigorated my love of craft and art in general.
Working in Brighton is great, however for myself I don't really have other people around me that shares my passion for Japanese artwork and in particular Irezumi. Whilst planning out my work travels for next year it struck me how much I'm looking forward to spending time with people on the same 'path' as me. I'm really keen to learn a few tricks and discover new references to broaden my horizons.
With that in mind I'm trying out some new techniques on the Fudo Myo image. The final picture will be monochrome with gold details. I'm making prints which will be limited, signed, numbered and come with a certificate (stop any bloody unofficial copies surfacing)
The original will be up for sale at the Brighton Tattoo Conve
ntion (if it's still available) alongside other prints and original artwork.

If anyone is coming to the convention please stop by and say hello, it often looks like I'm busy but I'm always happy to have a quick chat and can be easily bribed with junk food :D

This is something a little different for me and it was lots of fun to do.

This sleeve is fully healed and we will be doing the other arm next year :)

Got a good session on this, should be close to finished on the next one.

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